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Friday, 21 June 2013 13:49

A different tour

A different tour

If it's not yoru first time in Rome and you would like to see something different from the usual attractives (if we can say so), we propose you to visit few sites not far at all from the centre.


Not so many people knows that in Rome we have a Pyramid "LA PIRAMIDE CESTIA" wanted by CAIO CESTIO. He decided he wanted to be buried in a Pyramid and that it should be ready in 330 days. As for the Egyptians, the sepulchral room was closed at the burial moment and probably the first violation took place during the middleage. Inside still visible lots of decorations on the wall.

Beside it, make a stop at the non christian cimitary. It will be unsual and so particular.....



In the ancient time lutherans. jewishes and suicides were buried during the night and outside the city walls, because not chrystians. Several famous vriters as Shelly, Gramsci or Story are  there.

If then you wish to make a siesta we propose you to go and stop to EATALY (you will certainly enojoy it)



You can decide if loosing yourself amoung the shelves and then sit for a panino (which is much more than a sandwich) or to have a real lunch in one of the restaurants on top floor, which however let's say, are a bit expensive.

After the siesta, let's go and see Macro at Testaccio


A new museum but not only. The building is dated back to 17th century and it's considered one of the most important place for the art and cultural productions. During the year take place lots of exhibitions and theatre perfomances of young artists. Testaccio neighborhood, where it's located, is a very dynamic area, always full of young people expecially during the night.

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